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Hard Floors and Tiles

Tiles and Grout
We know cleaning tiles and tile-cleaningrout is one of the most unpleasant jobs to do around the house, so why not relax while Renew brightens up your tiles. With the use of state of the art machinery that actually ‘captures the grime’. Your tiles are sure to look RENEWED with our different treatments for different tiles.
Newly Laid Areas – For new tiles that just have been placed, a cement residue remover will be used to remove any cement on the tile.
Cleaning in case of protective treatment of used and soiled tiles – All impurities and maintenance agents will be removed from the surface and pores of tile from the use of an intensive cleaner.
Protective treatment against stains – Recommended for newly laid floor coverings with a polished surface. It reduces fragility of a tile and decreases hard to get rid of stains such as; dirt, oil, grime, wax, paint.
Regular maintenance caretile-shine-300x225For regular cleaning adding a standard maintenance and cleaning agent to the floor-cleaning water is used.
Additional maintenance care – From time to time floor coverings, where the tiles conditions are particularly extreme, require a basic cleaning. For this purpose, we add intensive cleaner to the cold or lukewarm floor-cleaning water. In case of lime scale or spots of rust, we would use a sanitary cleaning agent.
Grout – We clean the grout by using high water pressure washing out the dirt from the pores of the grout.

These are just some of the methods we use on Tiles and Grout.

Strip and Seal (Vinyl Floors) – Our team will leave your vinyl in showroom condition. Not only will it look great but it will be sealed and protected to last up to another 3-5 years, if maintained correctly. Depending on the condition of the floor we may only need to buffer or strip the floor. We do residential and commercial properties.