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Energy Saving Program

Our EcoActiv CRC coating is a unique coating applied to the condenser units, coils, fins and fans of commercial HVAC units, air conditioning systems and refrigeration that will fundamentally reduce energy consumption due to the following properties of the coating.

  • The coating once applied will ensure that moisture/water does not build up and frost. Normally the refrigeration system would frost due to moisture and then the system would have to run a defrost cycle (heating) in order to eliminate the frost build up.  EcoActiv CRC being hydrophilic, means that the water isn't able to adhere to the surface.
  • As the equipment is required to run the defrost cycle less frequently, this creates a greater life span of the equipment and less maintenance costs.  
  • The coating is also antistatic which eliminates contaminants such as mould and other bacteria from adhering to surfaces, leaving the equipment to run more efficiently and eliminating mould and bacteria being circulated throughout the space, making for a cleaner work environment.

Why use a coating?
Simply put, the right coating will help to protect your equipment. Our Eco ActiveCRC coating is antistatic and hydrophilic. What this means is that contaminants like mould and other biological nastiest Will not stick to it.  This in turn eliminates the build-up on your equipment. Because it is also hydrophilic, meaning that it likes water, moisture will simply sheet off, reducing the defrost cycle and resulting in low/no icing
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AC Cleaning
Cleaning, sanitizing and coating of your air conditioning unit is vital to maintain a healthy indoor environment.  As with cold storage cleaning, your equipment will last longer and perform better.

HVAC Programs
Whilst a similar process is employed for HAVC units, we look individually at these. Location, intake vents and types of environmental pollutants are all considerations that are taken into account for this vital machinery. A complete program will see savings in not only electricity, but filter replacement and equipment maintenance as well.

What are the benifits?
Reduce Energy Costs
The most amount of energy is consumed when the refrigeration switches to the defrost cycle and it is using energy to heat and melt the ice and then to cool again to maintain temperature. Naturally, if your equipment is cooling and then having to heat (defrost), it will be consuming more energy.  The cycle can occur more often if the system is not clean, using more energy. The coating keeps the equipment clean and reduces or eliminates the equipment going into the defrost cycle.

Increase Efficiency

As the coating will reduce the need for the refrigeration to work harder by not having to complete the defrost cycle, this in turn places less stress onto the system.
Laboured machinery means a higher cost to run. The coating will also assist in maintaining your equipment with its antistatic properties by repelling dust and bacteria from adhering to the surfaces it will run more smoothly and have a longer lifespan with real dollar savings achieved by reduced maintenance and replacement costs in the long term. In addition, an increase of wind speed will ensure that the cool air is distributed evenly throughout the space.

Healthy Work Environment

Often bio-film, made up of mostly body fats and fats from food, can build up in the drip tray of the system, as they are caught within the moisture in the air, circulated by the fans and eventually collect in the pan. These fats block the drip line which can then overflow into the path of the fan, causing the water to then be sprayed throughout the area; additionally this water can contain contaminates. The mould and bacteria can readily circulate throughout a building as it is blown straight back through the fan system.The coating, being a non-adhesive solution will eliminate build up, leaving your work environment cleaner and healthier.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Our unique coating has assisted companies to achieve energy savings from 10% up to 48% therefore enabling them to reach targets for reducing their carbon footprint. Long term use of the coating will ensure maximum savings and greatly contribute to you and your companies sustainability goals. This makes using Ecoactiv CRC Coating not only a fiscally sound decision, but also an environmentally responsible one, too.

I have regular servicing performed on my cool room and air conditioner, does n't the mechanic clean it then?
The simple answer is NO, most often than not.  They perform the mechanical servicing only. Occasionally you may find that they clean the AC filter, but this is not generally the case.

Are the products safe to clean food storage areas?
We can't speak for products used by other companies, but YES our products are non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe to use in food storage areas.

What makes the coating so unique?
The coating is a new innovation in the field.  It will prevent the build-up of biological contaminants.