About Renew Clean

Renew Cleaning and Restoration is a Toowoomba based company. We are a privately owned business that is committed to providing first class service that ensures client satisfaction.

About Us With more than 20 years experience in the industry, we have many repeat customers that are extremely happy with our work. We clean both residential and commercial properties to bring you a healthy living or working environment. Our team works closely with our ever growing client base to meet the needs of each individual when it comes to cleaning.

Why can I trust Renew Cleaning and Restoration?

Our staff are certified in everything we do, which gives our customers peace of mind that your personal belongings are in good hands.

We regularly do courses to keep up to date with new chemicals, equipment and techniques that give our customers the best we have to offer, at the best price.

The products we use are from an Australian based company that develops decontamination products and systems for different industries. These products are currently being used in Australia, the United States of America and Asia. The main focus is solutions for bacterial, biological and microbial problems. These products are being used for, amongst other fields, infection control. The product we use as a mould remediation product, now known as GM2000, was engineered to target mould spores and has a huge success in eliminating mould spores both here in Australia and overseas.