Odour Removal

If your home or business smells from smoke, flood, nicotine, grey/black water, decomposition, mould, sewage, chemical spills/off gassing or any other unearthly smell, we can treat it.

Depending on your neeintl-ozone-titan-4000-hydroxyl-generatords, we can use a variety of methods to control odour.

We have a variety of options including, the Vaporshark, the Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator, the Odorox Boss XL3 and Micro-Misting.

They are environmentally friendly, which converts water into hydroxyls. Hydroxyl is a naturally occurring compound to cleanse and decontaminate the Earth’s atmosphere. However this chemical reaction does not occur indoors as the suns UV’s cannot go inside to separate the hydroxide from the water. What the hydroxyls do: they breakdown the odour gases chemical bonds.

Different types of odours require different techniques of treatment; as one method will not cover all problems.