Timber Floor Drying

You don’t have to replace your timber floors after a flooding event

As long as thrs-floor-drying-equipmente water is clean, there is no need to remove or replace the affected floor boards.

We use a method of Injectidry to dry water damaged timber floors. This system works by placing plates on the floor and sealing them so they are air tight. Hoses are attached and once turned on, a suction is formed underneath the panels, by forcing air between the floor and subfloor. This begins the drying process; drawing the moisture out and as a dehumidifier is installed in the centre of the room, this removes the moisture that has been released into the air by the Injectidry.

This process can take  2-3 days to dry the timber flooring to its pre-flooded condition, depending on weather conditions, which can inhibit the drying time.